If you one of those people who live in the moment and in the movement, want to achieve mindfulness, and live eco-friendly life... You are on the right place!

Tivergi is not just all about gaining inspiration for your upcoming adventures. It's about being a part of COMMUNITY, striving to build deeper CONNECTION with others, having CURIOSITY and taking ACTION.

With helpful tips and lifestyle hacks, stories and guides you will find new ways to experience life. Share what you know, learn new things and be really involved in the community. It is the best way to multiply your happiness and empower your mind.


Tivergi is a community of life enthusiasts where people interact through idea sharing. Here you can find the ways to become a better person, and the ways to better the world.

Tivergi seeks to improve and inspire everyone to live sustainable life. To make this world a better, and more green place.


To bring the essence of conscious, sustainable living to the life of everyone, and turn mindfulness into the megatrend.

The best time to make a positive change is NOW. Worrying about the future and not letting go of our past just deprives us from being aware in the present moment

Appreciate where you are now. Eliminate complaining, and express positivity. Experience. Every. Second.

Live in the moment, and in the movement. 

Core Value #1

Spread mindfulness, positivity, and love for the world.

Core Value #2

Be adventurous, versatile and curious.

Core Value #3

Practice and express gratitude.

Core Value #4

Be courageous, open-minded, and keep moving forward.

Core Value #5

Embrace the change and stay innovative.

Core Value #6

Cultivate generosity, and be humble.

Core Value #7

Dedicate yourself to a lifelong healthy and sustainable living.

Core Value #8

Live more with less.

Core Value #9


As a person who loves freedom and is always up to something new in life, you’re also someone who deserves to own something that brings out your personality!

Tivergi came into existence for those who follow their beliefs, whether or not they are in accordance with the rest of the world. Call yourself rebellious, or seeking a new adventure. Tivergi understands that you need something vibrant and stylish to match your bold yet versatile aura.

Bold, impeccable, eco-friendly quality and toughness define our brand and it will be your perfect companion in all your endeavors. Dull and boring is far away from Tivergi just like they’re far away from you.

Once you start wearing Tivergi, you’ll realize that it is meant just for you. We strive to better ourselves every day and being the ones who loves traveling and innovations ourselves, we are easily able to extend that to the personality of our brand. 

The best match for a person like you, Tivergi ensures that you get nothing short of AWESOME. You will create a revolution, a new trend that will be contagious! Tivergi lets you be yourself while being an extension to your dynamic personality.

So let’s together turn versatility and mindfulness into the next megatrend! After all, we can together make this world a better and more stylish place to live in!


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